Choosing Blog Software: Blogger vs Wordpress vs Custom Built

I considered a few platforms for this blog.  My requirements are:
  • Reasonably secure
  • Easy to update
  • Easy to port data if I decide to leave
  • Low cost
  • Visitors should be able to comment


Self Hosted

I have access to a PHP/MySQL host, and installing Wordpress is easy.  The deal breaking issue is that I simply don't trust it to be secure.  Even when kept up to date, I've had off-the-shelf content management systems hacked on websites I've maintained.  Won't be going down that road again.

Hosted offers free hosting. They charge way too much to have a custom domain pointed at your blog though.

Custom Built

I seriously considered this option. I'm confident that anything I programmed would be simple and bare bones.  This would limit many security related problems. I'm very aware that nothing is bug free though :)

There is also a lot of time involved in the creation and maintenance of a custom blog.  A few years ago I had a personal blog programmed in Java using Spring MVC, it took a lot more work to program and maintain than I was willing to put in.  I'm the kind of programmer who loves to refactor and redesign code, it took time away from the actual purpose of the blog.  After about a year, I was tired of it.


For now, I'm using Blogger. It meets all of my requirements fairly well. Nothing is set in stone though. If I decide to leave, it shouldn't be to hard to export my data either using the Atom feed or the export blog feature.

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